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Tracking university completions

26 October 2016

Indigenous students are among those most at risk of not completing university, research confirms.

Higher Education, Indigenous


A learning pathway

24 October 2016

A commitment to every student’s progress on a learning pathway invites particular ways of thinking about learning, learners, teaching, the curriculum, assessment and the reporting of student achievement, writes Geoff Masters.

Assessment, Student Engagement, School

Higher Education

Global collaboration in medical student assessment

20 October 2016

Jacob Pearce reports on an ACER-led collaboration linking medical schools in the UK and Australia to develop common assessment items in the area of global health.

Assessment, Quality & Standards, Higher Education


Improving student learning in Mali

14 October 2016

ACER has been working over the past two years to help develop an internal monitoring and evaluation system in Mali. Petra Lietz explains.

Assessment, Literacy, Numeracy, Quality & Standards, School, International

Higher Education

Strong student-lecturer relationships reduce university drop out in Australia and Japan

10 October 2016

New research into students’ university experience reveals that both Australian and Japanese students are more likely to complete their university degree if they have strong relationships with lecturers, as Daniel Edwards explains.

Evaluation, Quality & Standards, Student Engagement, Higher Education


Redesigning learning

03 October 2016

Traditional ways of thinking about learning, assessment and educational qualifications are being challenged, writes Geoff Masters.

Assessment, School