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Mapping learning progress: Progressive achievement scales

22 August 2016

Mapping the learning progress of students through data collection is essential to schools, Professor Geoff Masters writes.

Assessment, School


In Afghanistan, teachers matter

18 August 2016

Students in well-resourced schools in Afghanistan are more likely to have stronger learning outcomes and one of the most important resources is good teachers. Tim Friedman reports.

Evaluation, Literacy, Numeracy, School, International


Mixing it up: Transdisciplinary research offers new perspectives on education

16 August 2016

Transdisciplinary research is building bridges between education, psychology and neuroscience, and helping practitioners in schools better understand critical educational issues.

Evaluation, Literacy, Numeracy, School


What Australia can learn from academically high-performing neighbours

15 August 2016

Australia’s declining academic performance in international tests over recent years has been well publicised. Looking at Australia’s high-performing neighbour countries may give us some clues about how to improve Australia’s academic performance.

Assessment, Literacy, Numeracy, Quality & Standards, School, Higher Education, Vocational & Adult, International


Putting ‘place’ at the heart of Indigenous education

11 August 2016

‘Place’ is more than geography. It has multiple dimensions, applications and interpretations, including cultural, economic, social, political and educational. Place must be at the heart of Indigenous education policy. Tony Dreise explains.

Community Partnerships, School, Indigenous


Curriculum audit informs development of a regional assessment framework

08 August 2016

The results of an audit of curriculum materials of 11 ASEAN countries has informed the development of a regional assessment framework.

Assessment, Community Partnerships, School, International