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A positive start: Using television to support Indigenous learning

19 January 2017

Research shows that educational television programs can support a successful transition from home to school for young Indigenous children and their families, and improve long-term outcomes for Indigenous students.

Early Childhood, School, Indigenous

Higher Education

Improving university admissions in PNG

12 January 2017

ACER is helping a Papua New Guinea university to make more informed decisions about offering places in their courses.

Assessment, Literacy, Numeracy, Quality & Standards, Higher Education


School improvement and a strong professional learning community

06 January 2017

School leaders and teachers are improving the quality of teaching and student outcomes by strengthening their school as a professional learning community. Lawrence Ingvarson explains how.

Assessment, Community Partnerships, Quality & Standards, School


Improving literacy and numeracy in the Pacific

19 December 2016

ACER is collaborating with member nations of the Pacific Community to address the common education challenges they face.

Evaluation, Literacy, Numeracy, Survey, School, International


Revisiting the research: Indigenous student absenteeism

15 December 2016

Reasons for student absenteeism are complex and contextual but are generally a combination of individual, family, community and school factors, according to a 2010 report.

Student Engagement, School, Indigenous


Reversing the PISA decline: national challenge requires national response

06 December 2016

Geoff Masters describes the macro- and micro-reforms that are likely to lead to improved student learning, and better performance in international assessments of science, maths and reading.

Assessment, Literacy, Numeracy, School